#GreenWeek2021 - One Small Act can make a HUGE Difference
8th-14th March marks GreenWeek2021, a fantastic collaboration between the University of Warwick, Coventry University, Coventry City Council, Warwick District Council and Action21.
Based upon the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the primary aim of the week's FREE events is to "educate and evoke action at all levels from grassroots projects up to local government change".  All events are taking please virtually this year, so it's really easy for you to get involved. Find the calendar of events at http://greenweek.coventry.domains/events/
We had the pleasure of being part of GreenWeek2019 and we are delighted to be back this year. One of this year's key themes is "..how one small act can make a huge difference. Everything you do adds up, and if everyone contributes you have a huge impact. These actions can range from taking a shorter shower to eating vegetarian once a day." ...and switching from single-use to re-use of course!
Coventry Broadgate Godiva Statue and Reyousable Stall reusable bottle
Head over to the GreenWeek2021 website to find out more or search for #GreenWeek2021 on social media.
You can find all the organisers on 
Twitter -  @CovUniSust @WarwickUniSust @CoventryCC @Warwick_DC @Action_21UK
Instagram -  @covunisust @warwickunisust @action_21 @warwick.dc @coventrycitycouncil
FaceBook -  @CovUniSust @WarwickUniSust @Action21UK @WarwickDCNews @coventrycc

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