Welcome to Reyousable!  

We're delighted you've dropped by! Our names are Nicola and Claire, we've been friends since the age of five and over the years we have shared many passions (mostly for bad 80s pop bands!). Today, a more worthy passion has inspired us to come together to create Reyousable; a passion to turn the tide on single-use plastic pollution and to help you find the perfect reusable products to match your individual style & lifestyle.

"Think of us as your reusable match-makers"

"Every small change we make to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use in our daily lives, has a big impact on turning the tide on plastic pollution."  

Alongside helping you make sustainable choices that will turn the tide on single-use plastic pollution, we are committed to helping you find Reyousables that fit perfectly with your style and your lifestyle. 

"Going Reyousable will be a joy, not a chore"

Many people ask us "what's the best reusable coffee cup?" or "which one of these bottles is best?" - our honest answer, there isn't a "best", it's about what's best for you.  To make the move away from single-use really work, we believe it has to be both convenient and enjoyable.  If your water bottle doesn't fit in your car cup holder or your reusable cup lid dribbles Red-bush tea down your white cotton shirt - your good intentions to avoid single-use plastic probably won't last that long!

"Sustainability + Style = #Sustylability"

On the other hand,  if you have GORGEOUS reusable water bottles that complement your style while keeping your drinks icy cold for 24 hours; a Reyousable cup that works really well, fits neatly in your bag, pocket, car, bike, sporran or wherever you need it to be - going Reyousable will be a joy, not a chore.

"Our mission is to bring together the best reusable products, to help you find the perfect match for YOUR individual style & lifestyle. #Sustylability "   

We have been walking the talk this past year, checking personally that each and every Reyousable product we bring you is manufactured to the highest standards, performs its job exceptionally well and also (call us shallow if you wish) looks FANTASTIC!

"We won’t be happy unless you LOVE your new Reyousable."  

Give us a call, send us an email, find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, or just come and have a chat to us! Let us help you find your perfect match and let's all work together to turn the tide on single-use plastic pollution.

Come and join the Reyousable Revolution!

Claire & Nicola


Claire Cobbold & Nicola Crofts 

Co-Founders, Reyousable - Sustainability with Style