The time has come for us to pass "the keys" to Reyousable into the capable and enthusiastic hands of Adrian and Ryan.  Changes to our personal circumstances mean that we can no longer commit the time and energy that Reyousable so richly deserves. 


In December 2022, we lost one of our most loyal supporters, when Claire's husband, Ian, tragically died. The huge impact this has had on our lives, has made it necessary for us to reassess where our time and energy is spent. 


Making the decision to "shut up shop" was really tough. This has been made far, far easier knowing that we are handing Reyousable over to Adrian and Ryan.  We know they will breathe new life into the business and find their own ways to keep on turning the tide on single-use. 


Since we launched Reyousable in September 2018 it has grown from a problem-solving brain-wave, into an award-winning business. In that time, we are honoured to have helped thousands of you to make those all-important changes and make reuse an integral part of your everyday lives. Having the opportunity to combine our passion, with meaningful action, has been a true privilege.  


We want to say a HUGE and sincere "thank you" to all our wonderful customers, suppliers, partners and supporters who have come with us on this journey. We wish Adrian, Ryan and Reyousable all the very best of luck and success in the future. We look forward to watching as Reyousable continues to help more people choose sustainability with style. 


With love 


Nicola & Claire xx