Call to arms! War On Plastic

Hugh and Anita’s War on Plastic

On Monday 10th June, we once again watched in shock, as we were confronted by the true horrors of plastic pollution during the first episode of Hugh and Anita’s "War on Plastic" on BBC1 ( "Hugh's War on Waste", back in 2015, one of the first programs that inspired us to launch Reyousable and “do something” about this problem.  The latest messages were even more compelling. It really brought it home, right into our front-rooms in fact, just what a mess we are making of our amazing world through our over dependence on plastic. 

As this first episode highlighted, single-use plastic in particular is a HUGE cause for concern. We are using plastic, a material designed to last hundreds of years, for items we use for a matter of minutes before discarding them. Single-use coffee cups, water bottles, cutlery, cling film, packaging, sandwich bags, carriers...the list goes on. This photo shows the single-use plastic from just ONE STREET in Bristol. Our plastic habit HAS to stop.  

Ever faster pace of life

Our lives seem to get busier and busier. It's unrealistic to think we can suddenly go back to slower pace of the 1960’s, when home life was revolutionised by the advent of "fantastic plastic" and the "throw away" lifestyle that has brought endless efficiency and convenience.


What we can do - rethink not recycle

So, what CAN we do about it? Well, we certainly can't recycle our way out of the problem, this shocking image from Monday’s show of UK exported “recycling” that ends up dumped in Malaysia make that patently clear. We need to change our mindsets, little by little, to think "where did this come from?" and "where will this end up?". In every decision that we make, whether its the latest fashion item, an essential caffeine fix on our way to work or deciding what to have for each family member's lunch on-the-go each day, we need to rethink.  

Choose to Reuse

Today, programs like "War on Plastic"are showing us exactly the cost of our love of convenience.  Our mission at Reyousable is to bring together a wide range of quality reusable products to match your individual style and lifestyle, this is the key to making reuse “convenient”. When reuse is easy and enjoyable, it’s not a chore, and the habit is FAR more likely to stick.  

What we are not about is advocating that everyone should buy more "stuff" in the name of reducing waste! Take a look at what you already have, try to buy and use less. If there are places where you are struggling to fight your war on plastic with the weapons you currently have in your armoury, that’s where we really hope we can help.  

Reusable coffee cups, water bottles, produce bags, cutlery, lunch wraps and special collections for kids, are just some of the ways we hope to help you in your own crusade, as you join the #WarOnPlastic. 

Remember that little changes make a big difference, do what you can when you can; it all adds up.

We'll look forward to next week's episode of "War on Plastic"; we all have so much still to learn.

Claire & Nicola xx

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