Be a Sustainable Santa this Year

Christmas is traditionally a time of excess; too much food, too much booze, too many relatives (sorry we can't help with that one) and massive amounts of waste.

This year, we want to help you to keep all the best bits of Christmas, while limiting the associated single-use plastic and waste.  Here are some ideas that might take your festive fancy...

  • Use reyousable food wraps and coverings - Those Boxing Day left overs will taste sooo much better if they don't leave the bitter taste of single-use plastic bags and cling film in your mouth.  Beeswax wraps cling to food to help keep it fresh and Bowlovers make very cute coverings for your Christmas serving dishes while they take a hard earned rest in the fridge.
  • Wrap gifts in sustainable, reyousable Wrag Wrap.  Rather than being thrown in the bin, these decadent fabric wraps will become part of your family's Christmas scene for years to come. Even if you start with just a few sheets this year, your supplies will soon build up.  Consider "brown paper packages tied up with string" (these are a few our our favourite things!) while you are building your Wrag Wrap stock.  Metallic and glittery Christmas wrapping held together with plastic sticky tape may look appealing initially, but it's probably going straight to land fill as none of these can be recycled.  Sadly it seems a bit less attractive all of a sudden.
  • Give the gift of sustainability.  Consider helping your nearest and dearest on their way to some New Year's Reyousolutions.  By choosing the perfect water bottle or coffee cup that is just their style, you get to inject "the thought that counts" AND you will be helping reduce the millions of single-use coffee cups and water bottles that end up in landfill, or in our environment, every year.

There are loads more great sustainable Christmas tips out there on sites like Friends of the Earth and Warwickshire Recycles

Sustainable Seasons Greetings,

Nicola & Claire xx

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