New Year’s Reyousolution #2 - Refuse Plastic Straws

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Reyousolution #2 - “I will refuse plastic straws”

It’s New Year’s Eve!  As we raise a glass to toast the start of 2020, "Happy New Year” is not the only three word phrase to put to good use this evening, be sure to remember “no straw please” as well.

Straws Suck

According to the Marine Conservation Society, disposable straws and cutlery are consistently among the top 10 items collected on their beach cleans.  Used for a matter of minutes, plastic straws cannot be recycled and will still exist in our environment, as litter or landfill, for hundreds of years. The shape and size of plastic straws make them particularly dangerous to marine life.  If you haven’t seen “that video” on YouTube of a turtle having a straw painfully extracted from its nose, I warn you it is not an easy watch 😢

Straw marine litter

Straw Bans

Many bars, restaurants and cafes are now catching on to the issues with plastic straws and have removed them completely or are providing less harmful alternatives, like paper.  It’s worth bearing in mind that some disabilities mean that straws are an essential drinking aid, but if that doesn’t apply to you, just refuse that straw.

Reyousable Alternatives

If you particularly like your drink through a straw, fear not, soggy paper straws are not the only option (thankfully!).  There are a number of reusable alternatives available that can be used at home, and taken out and about with you. 

Reyousable straws

Bamboo, glass and stainless steel straws (in brushed silver, polished silver and stylish gold) are among our favourite alternatives to single-use plastic straws. They come in various lengths, with or without a bend and can all be washed in the dishwasher or using a handy straw brush (available separately and included in many of our mulit-packs).

What’s next?

Here at Reyousable we are working with our suppliers to bring you silicon and collapsible alternatives in 2019.  Sign up as a Reyouser at and we’ll let you know as soon as they are in!

For more New Year's #Reyousolution ideas to remove single-use waste from your life, take a look at 
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