Find your Perfect Reusable Coffee Cup

Our mission is to bring you the best Reyousable products and help you to find your PERFECT match.  Think online dating app, but with true to life photos!

Make this relationship last

For your reuse relationship to last, it needs to feel easy and enjoyable, fitting in comfortably with your style and your lifestyle. If it takes too much effort and it’s not giving you what you need, a break up will be inevitable. Choose wisely and make it last.

Which is the right partner for me?

Let’s be clear, you aren’t just picking up a single-use, disposable “one-night stand” here; you are choosing a reliable partner to go the distance with you. Your Reyousable cup should

  • make you feel good – be proud, you two make a great team, eliminating single-use plastic together every single day.
  • deliver on its commitments if it says it won’t leak, it won’t leak. If it says it will keep your drink warm for hours, that is what it will do, it won’t let you down.
  • look absolutely GORGEOUS – call us shallow if you will, but if your cup partner is appealing to the eye, you will want to admire it and be seen out together.You won’t be able to keep your hands off it!

No one’s perfect

As in love, no one partner will be right for everyone. So what are YOU looking for in a partner?

  • Down to earth – eCoffee cup is made from bamboo and Eco-to-go from rice husk, giving a more natural feel along with some stunning colours and designs.

 eco to go blue eco to go pink

  • Classy – if you want class, consider glass. These KeepCup Brew feel great to drink from and add a touch of luxury to your life.
  • Size matters – If you’re an espresso devotee, these 6oz cups prove that the best things come in small packages. 8oz is idea for flat white.  If you’re a lover of a long latte, check out these long legged 16oz eCoffee Cups.  12oz and 14oz cups are good for most small and regular sized Barista drinks.
  • A real looker – If you are big on looks, feast your eyes on these. Keep Cups are colourful, bold and vibrant with some really funky combinations available. If you like a more elegant and arty look, there are no end of ecoffee cup designs to choose from. Hip is sleek and understated.
  • Always there for youStojo and Pokito collapsible cups are perfect if you want to carry your cup with you at all times so you never forget it. They fold down to pocket size.

Stojo pocket cup pink

  • Adaptable Pokito even gives you three size options in one cup!


Pokito foldedPokito smallPokito mediumPokito Tall

  • Keeps you warm – If you like to take things slowly and need your cup to keep your drink warm a little longer, rCup/Circular Cup will keep the heat in for an extra hour or so, great to keep you company on your commute. If that’s not enough for you, look at S’ip by S’well Travel Mug.  These stunners keep things hot for up to 12 hours and cool for up to 24.


  • Follows through on commitments – we have thoroughly vetted all the cups we bring to you at Reyousable, to make sure that what they say on their profile is really true. 

We won’t be happy unless you fall head over heels in LOVE your new Reyousable.  If you want any more help finding the right cup for you, just drop us a line and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Find your perfect match now!  

For more tips, take a look at this blog on how to make the reuse habit stick, take a look at this blog.





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