Exclusive to Reyousable - the 4D Pouch reusable carry bag
Reyousable 4D Pouch - Dust, Dirt, Drip and Drop protection.
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Cleanliness is more important than ever as we aim to Keep It Clean and return to reuse living alongside COVID-19.  The Reyousable 4D pouch is ideal for the job; perfect for carrying your reusable cup, spork and straw AND it doubles as a spare reusable produce bag.
Every reusable cup from Reyousable comes complete with a free 4D Pouch, they are also available to purchase for just £3.
DUST & DIRT  - we recommend that you keep a cup handy wherever you might need it; in your back-pack or handbag, sitting on your desk at work or in the door pockets of your car. If it has been sitting there for long, it’s bound to gather some dust and dirt. Blowing the dust from your cup before you hand it over to your Barista or handing it over covered in fluff and hand bag detritus really isn’t OK. Reyousable 4D is the ideal dust, dirt and germ deterrent.
DRIPS - When you have enjoyed your drink, wash it or even just rinse it out if you can and then pop it back in the 4D to deal with any pesky drips on your way home. 
DROPS - Your cup will look great for longer if you keep it protected from drops and scuffs on its travels with your 4D pouch. 
Always use a 4D pouch, only available at Reyousable.
Reyousable 4D pouch reusable cup carry bag
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