Reyousolution #3 - "I will bring my own take-out cup"
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The Problem with Disposable Cups
Disposable cup waste
Did you think the “cardboard” coffee cups you were throwing away were being recycled? Us too!  We were shocked to learn that less than 1 in 400 single-use cups (0.25%) are successfully recycled. Given we use 7 million EVERY DAY in the UK alone, this results in a horrific amount of waste. Technically these cups can be recycled, BUT the combination of cardboard outer and waterproof plastic liner means they require specialist collection and processing at one of a handful of facilities within the UK.
The Alternatives
Reyousable Cups
By far the best way to reduce the impact of your hard earned caffeine fix is to bring your own reusable cup. While some coffee shops have moved to "greener" compostable take-away cups, these aren't the great solution they appear to be on first sight**.  There are some fantastic, sustainable and stylish reusable products on the market now. By finding the ones that best fit your style and your lifestyle, reuse becomes a pleasure rather than a chore and you are FAR more likely to stick with it.
Better for your pocket as well as the environment
Many coffee shops reward Reyousers by giving you a discount of up to 50p every time you bring your own cup. Starbucks have now started charging 5p extra to customers who need a disposable cup and the fantastic Boston Tea Party have done away with single-use cups altogether! A bold move backed by their belief there is #NoExcuseForSingleUse.
What’s the best reusable coffee cup?
In our opinion, there isn’t one! The key to success is to  find the cup (or cups) that best suits your individual style and lifestyle.
If size matters and you want a cup that is compact enough that you can carry with you all the time, opt for Stojo and Pokito Collapsible Cups as they fold down to pocket size.
If you want to be as zero waste and plastic free as possible, a rice husk Eco to Go and Ecoffee Cup made from bamboo may be your perfect match. These can be composted at the end of life and the silicon can be repurposed.  We keep a couple of these in the door pockets of our cars so they are always close to hand if we feel the need for latte on the go.
If 100% Leak Free and Insulation are what you need, take a look at S’ip by S’well travel mugs to keep your brew hot for up to 12 hours, or cold for up to 24.  The superbly designed rCUP is the world’s first cup made from recycled single-use cups and it’s 360 degree drinking and single push open/close make it a pleasure to use.  Super for travel too.
A touch of class comes with a touch of glass, Keep Cup Brew is beautiful to drink from and ideal if you want a reusable cup to take from your desk to the local coffee shop.  The glass makes it a bit heavier, so not ideal for carrying around 24/7.
Top tips to get in the reuse habit
Here are our top three tips to make reuse easy, enjoyable and habit forming in no time.
1. Match your cup to your needs - use the guide above to make sure the cup you choose is right for you.  If you love how it looks AND it’s there when you need it, you are far more likely to reuse.
2. Your reusable cup has no place in the kitchen cupboard - as soon as you have washed up your trusty reusable cup, get it straight back in your hand bag/car/bike/back pack/sporran - wherever you need it to be the next time you fancy a cuppa on the go.
3. Sometimes one is not enough - We find it really useful to have a few reusable cups dotted around our bag, car and desk, to be sure we always have one to hand and we aren’t left wanting when the notion for a latte takes us. It also helps when one cup is in the dishwasher, to have another one in the wings, ready to jump into action.
For more New Year's #Reyousolution ideas to remove single-use waste from your life, take a look at 
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