Putting Reuse Back on the Menu

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As we learn to adapt to living life in the presence of Coronavirus,  how can reusables be part of our “new normal”?

The Impact of Coronavirus 

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we go about our daily lives in countless ways.  The very real and immediate single use face mask discarded on pebbled beachfear of contracting the virus led to rash decisions based on limited information and fear.  Reusable coffee cups were refused by the main coffee chains and there has been a huge increase in the use of single-use plastic, and in resulting pollution.  Even many of the most committed reusers stocked up on single-use gloves and masks, in the vain hope these actions would help to keep them, and their loved ones, protected.



Reflect & Reassess

keepcup brew black lid help in female handsAs we move forward, adapting to life with the ongoing threat of COVID-19, it’s time to find a new normal that protects our health and the health of our planet. We must not choose one over the other.  The encouraging news is that there are many ways to move forward to a greener post-pandemic future, and reuse has an important role to play.










Coronavirus and plastic pollution Reyousable view










 Reports & Reassurance

On 22nd June 2020, 119 scientists from 18 countries helped put everyone’s mind a Scientist wearing face mask and lab coat looking in to microscopelittle more at ease.  A statement was released confirming that reusable containers do not increase the chance of virus transmission. The best available science from these experts, stated that reusable systems can be used safely by employing basic hygiene. You can read the full statement here  

Keep it Clean & Contactless!

As with so many aspects of our fight against Coronavirus, hygiene is the key to reuse in a post-pandemic society.  City to Sea, the incredible Bristol based organisation who have spearheaded so many plastic-free initiatives, have come up trumps once again with the launch of their #ContactlessCoffee video guide. With clear and easy guidance for both Coffee Shops and consumers, they show just how easy it is to keep on reusing, while mitigating the risk of cross contamination.


There are also updated guidelines on how to keep water bottle refills safe and sustainable on their Refill.org.uk site.


Reusable cup hygiene


Reyousable is an independent business dedicated to making reuse both easy and enjoyable.  We have always emphasised the importance of cleanliness when you choose to reuse.  Every one of our reusable coffee cups comes complete with a Reyousable cup carry bag .  Not only does this keep your cup spotlessly clean before use, it’s ideal for carrying used cups home for (extra thorough!) washing.


Re-start & Re-use

Person hand washing KeepCup Brew in soapy water with dish spongeSo, the answer to “can reusables be part of our new norm?” is YES, and they absolutely should be! Keep it clean and contactless and you can continue reusing exactly as you did in the pre-COVID world.  In the same way that thorough washing is one of our main lines of defence for our hands, hot soapy hand washing or a cycle in the dishwasher are exactly what's needed to keep all your reusables clean and Coronavirus free. 

Stay safe and enjoy your next #ContactlessCoffee!

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