Reyousolution #4 - “I’ll have the bottle to refill and reuse”

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Think before you drink

We use 38.5 million single use plastic bottles in the UK EVERY DAY.  Sadly, a quick look at litter in our streets, parks and beaches shows that many of these bottles end up polluting our environment. Even if you consider yourself a diligent recycler, it’s worth bearing in mind that plastic can’t be recycled indefinitely.  After being processed only a handful of times, the material degrades to the extent that it is no longer useful.  In the end it becomes yet more plastic waste heading to landfill, incineration or adding to the 13 million tonnes of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean each year.  

Break the Plastic Habit

No one has been trying to create the mess we are now in, we have quite simply gotten into the habit of picking up a new water bottle whenever we need to satify a thirst. Promotions like “meal deals” don’t help as they encourage us down this path.  Have you “got the bottle” to refuse single-use!?

Reuse and refill as you re-hydrate

There are some really great looking reusable bottles available to suit every style and lifestyle, to find your perfect match, have a think about what’s most important to you.

Hand bag sized Qwetch and S’ip by S’well 10oz (284ml) hold just enough to carry around with ease and are a great size for younger Reyousers.  Some of the patterns are irresistibly cute; we know more than one fully grown Reyouser walking around with rainbows and unicorns close at hand every day ☺️  

If you do find you need to refill half way through the day, remember there are thousands of businesses signed up to the terrific Refill scheme (, welcoming you to fill up with tap water for FREE.  A great example of business and consumers working together to reduce single-use.

For all day refreshment that will still be cold as the hours pass by, consider opting for S’ip by S’well 15oz (450ml).  These beauties will keep your drink hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours.  They epitomise form and function as they are 100% leak proof and the beautiful designs are very resilient, still looking good after months of daily use. If you’re more a fan of a plain bottle, Bobble Insulate may be your perfect match, its ring handle makes it really easy to carry around.  A big bonus of all the insulated bottles is that their double layer of insulation ensures the outside of the bottle stays dry, not soggy with condensation, while they’re keeping your drink cold on a nice warm day.


If a bottle for the gym is what you are seeking, we love Bobble Pure. With a generous 650ml capacity and a handy sports cap, this silicon wrapped glass bottle looks terrific and gives you easy access to enough water to keep you hydrated through out your workout.

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Small changes make a big difference.  




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